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Elephant in the room

  • Elephant in the room?
    How many games have you seen where the teams only talent is to bully their way to the goal?
    How many games have you see where the fast player is camped forward while coach directs the “DEFENDERS” to send it up?
    How many games have you seen where the audience cheers every time the ball is sent flying into the air while the kicker turns and runs back to his position?
    How many times have you lost games due to the above style of play?
    The past few weeks I have meet some new members to our soccer club. In our conversations things come up that I am not always sure on how to reply. Often I smile and nod. 
  • Example: My daughter played last season for ------- soccer club. The kids on her team could kick the ball really hard, you know to send it up to the strikers. We new she would not get a lot of playing time she is not a strong kicker. My reply needed to be brief; from what I have seen your daughter is a very coachable player. Let’s talk more after a few games. There are still a lot of misconceptions of the game flowing around out there! .Too many potentially awesome soccer players are relegated to the bottom teams because they are not the strongest or not the fastest. Too many coaches do not understand and or have the ability to teach the skills necessary for a player to become an even better player. 
  • Example: From a player’s parent that has come from a different club after three sessions of our indoor training. “No one has ever taught my player the things your coaches have been teaching the last few sessions.”
    My Reply: Thank you I will pass it on to the trainers. I asked a few questions and found the even though it was a larger than ours club, the
    coaches were not qualified to teach the game. The promise of higher level training was there but never realized.
    Example: A coach of an older (HS) boy’s team asked me to come to an indoor training session and work with his players on keeping shape. After 15 minutes the session was a disaster. They were strong, bright players with very weak technical abilities that were not going to improve greatly in one session. Finally the coach pulls me aside and said “I realize now that we play kick and run soccer, my guys have terrible touches and we have been winning games being more physical than our opponents. My Reply: I would suggest you work solely on first touch activities until you see an improvement.
  • Too many myths about he game are perpetuated by those that do not understand the game and refuse to learn the game from those that do. I over heard this after a game at WALL2 WALL.
    Coach #1: Congratulations on your win
    Coach #2: Thanks, you guys looked pretty good.
    Coach #1: We are working mostly on keeping possession and our technical abilities.
    Coach #2: Yea, I noticed your boys playing with the ball too much trying to be tricky. We like to boot it up to our forwards.
    Coach #1: We expect every player to have good technical in hopes of being recognized by a college coach one of these days.
    Coach #2: Yea But we won!
    Example: Parent to Parent. Your daughter is a natural player, a natural athlete. Parents reply; No she has been training all winter and the goes home to the garage and works on her own with the ball. Her coach challenges her every week. She loves soccer! No Reply, Just a smile and a nod.

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