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 Many coaches search the internet for the next best thing. New drills, new exercises etc. I do the same thing but with a twist.

I type into the search bar” Activities to improve passing” or what ever topic I am looking for. By doing this I bypass a lot of not very well thought out training sessions.

For the most part I have been Frankensteining activities to get what I want. You know a part of this activity added to that one. Every coach does it.

It is not always productive to constantly add new activities to your line-up. I have witnessed a lot of coaches spending a lot of time teaching a new drill rather than teaching a soccer related skill.

Tweaking is a good way to improve your activities. Players need repetitive activities to learn but also need to be challenged. Tweaking could be adding a restriction or a set point in the activity to strive towards. Count down, number of passes equal a goal etc.

Some years ago I over heard a coach telling his trainees they just did not get it! I watched the activity and after a few minutes …I did not get it either.

Do not dump from your training book what works, tweak it. Observe activities before you implement them. Just because it sounds impressive” WHOLE PART WHOLE” does not mean it will be the answer. Find what works, tweak it ,keep it.

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