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Speed of Play

As our teams technical proficiencies increase so does their speed of play. Unfortunately it takes time, effort, knowledge and dedication to get players to perform at game speed with a high level of execution.

Training younger players (6v6) to win and posses the ball is a process. Starting with the development of first touch and encouraging players to NOT kick the ball as a first instinct.

Our club hosts a U-8 Academy every spring. The goal is to imprint a style of winning the ball, keeping possession and find a way to score on goal. Every player is encouraged to take on the roll of 1st attacker and figure out the best way to get the ball to goal. Early on, beating your opponent with creative foot work is stressed. As technical proficiencies increase(usually in 8v8) we introduce other options in getting the ball to goal. Introducing passing (when, how, why and where) is taught through logical progressions and every component being equally important. This does not mean we do not allow passing in 6v6 games but the emphasis in training is on the individual’s ability to win and posses the ball.

The time between 6v6 and 8v8 play is a great time to introduce and teach combination play. With out a doubt players that have gained a greater proficiency in technical skills will transition into combination play as another option to get to goal faster than those with weaker skill set.

Teams moving to 8V8 with two extra players on the field will begin to look for passing lanes and logical places to pass the ball too. Telling or demanding players to pass is not logical. Asking players to “find an open player” is a form of guided discovery and they them selves will have to make the decision quickly to be successful in finding different ways to get to goal. Players that move after the pass will put themselves in a 2nd attacker roll and are more likely to get the ball back. 8v8 is also the best time to introducing defensive principles. Players are maturing and gaining game experiences. Defending become more of a group effort and we see less tackling in the defensive 3rdand more in the mid field.

Coaches that use training progressions to their player’s advantage will be rewarded with a higher skilled player executing at a higher speed of play.

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