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Maybe the better name for this part of a coach’s job should be “How well did I teach my players”. Yeah every coach has a coaching style but what I have observed is that most great coaches have transformed into the Experienced Coach. You know, that savvy and observant coach. The guy hunkered back and watching the game like a hawk watching a field mouse.

He is looking at every touch of the ball; every pass made as well as passes NOT made. He is looking 4 to 5 moves ahead to interpret if his players are thinking ahead as well.  

He is watching his defensive 3rd even though the ball is in the attacking 3rd, looking for defenders preparing for a quick counter attack to regain possession.

This is the coach that has taught the game to his players  and can see the ball going into the net a few steps before it actually does go in or can tell you in detail why it did not before it does not. The observant coach can pin point the break down that caused a goal against and already have a session planned to ready his team for the next game, before the restart.

I know several of these coaches. I have worked with them at ODP and coached against them in tournaments. I have studied their coaching methodologies and watched how they watch the games. I have spoken to these guys after games won or lost and have never heard one of these guys blame a loss on a referee or field conditions. It is usually “I know why we lost and we will be ready next time” or “Yes we won but we have lots of work to do to be even better”.

Not very coach is a great coach. Not every coach is a great teacher of the game.

But just as every player can be a great player, every coach can be a great coach. As coaches we must be self critical, observant and savvy.

The training field is your class room. Game time is the exam. The score is the grade.

How well did you teach the game?

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