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Select or Club soccer, is more than winning games.

I often speak with those that enjoy the game but are not involved in the game as deeply as I am. The image of select or club soccer is not perceived as it always meant to be. But then again Perception is reality.

Coaches come to club because they want to win..I hear this one a lot.

  Winning is awesome, I WANT TO WIN…BUT: I want to win because my team worked well together, they understood the pace and flow of the game and they were technically proficient.

I want my team to win because they as a team made decisions as a team.

  Soccer around the world is called the beautiful game…Coaches often talk about the UGLY win. That is a win where a player whacks the ball from half field and it bounces off a chipmunk and into the goal between the knees of an unsuspecting keeper. Some would say” Did you see that great shot”. We know it was UGLY.

  The majority of club coaches or at least those with a better vision of the goals of club soccer are driven to prepare the player for the next level of play. Select /Club is the place where coaches come to learn more about teaching the game. 

  Yes we are more competitive, expectations are high, and we travel to games, it does cost more.

  Our players are recognized as advanced, they learn to achieve, they see new places and share the game away from home, and parents invest more in their kid’s soccer future.

  Soccer on any level is good soccer. Every player should play for the love of the game. Every coach has to decide on his purpose in coaching and find the appropriate place to do so.

  After all is considered, they game belongs to the player. Select soccer hopes to introduce players to a higher level of play. Select hopes to train and educate coaches in guiding of players towards the next level of play. Winning because we did everything right …that’s just fun!

 Yours in the great game,
 Kelly M.E. Kalberer

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