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Line 1:  Seventy eight percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. So I will not throw out any percentages. I will share some disturbing observations.
  All of you that have been working towards your coaching credentials are aware of the big four, technical, tactical, fitness and psychological.
 The last one is the least understood but as players progress it becomes possibly more important than the rest. 
   Players, between the ages of 12-14, are the most likely to quit the game. Look at the number of teams in the league in the U14s and above to see what I mean. Players leave for many reasons. A common reason is “it is not fun”. So we have to define fun. Fun means challenging and rewarding, rewarding as in continued learning and being a part of something worthwhile.
 Understanding the needs of the athlete is a must if you are to continue to coach advanced players beyond 13 years of age. 
 This week I was contacted by four individual high school soccer players. All had a common complaint. Soccer is not fun. All four are advanced players.  One explained her coach tells her she has to hit the goal more or she would be on the bench. I know this player, she knows how to strike on goal but coach can not analyze her technical and offer critique, so threats of denying her playing time is the answer. Still another player says coach tells her she has no HEART and that is why she got scored on. I know this player and she is very talented. I suspect she made a mistake in the defensive 3rd and coach did not analyze the play so therefore she plays with no heart.
I have heard it all this week. Coach made us run for 2 hours. How this works to the players advantage I will never understand. If it is a punishment –using physical exercise that is supposed be good for you as a punishment is a bad idea. Coaches are to be respected not feared. As coaches we are here to teach –discipline: n its natural sense, discipline is systematic instruction intended to train a person, sometimes literally called a disciple, in a craft, trade or other activity, or to follow ... 
As a coach you fail if you chase players out of the game at any level.
As a coach you fail if you can not analyze a player’s technical play and offer constructive critique and clear obtainable goals.
As a coach you fail if players are not challenged and offered a pathway to become a better player.
As a coach you fail if you cannot understand the need of the athlete versus your own.
As a coach you fail if you can not keep it fun and challenging at the same time.
  WE do more harm than good by not keeping up with the need of the player as the player develops. Many of these players become very savvy to game play and know the game better than those offering cliché advice. If you want to be followed learn to lead.
My clubs coaches are dedicated to addressing the need of the player. We as coaches continue to learn and challenge each other in producing advanced confident and informed soccer players.
   87% of all players that leave the game of soccer did not say “I QUIT because I had a great coach.
See line1……

 Yours in the great game,

 Kelly M.E. Kalberer

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