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Recently I had an opportunity to join in on a referee clinic. I am not a referee. I do not possess the patience in dealing with the fan based activities during a game to qualify as a ref.

 Since I do not want to officiate the game I feel I have to cultivate referees to assure I am not drawn into a situation from which I can not escape. Any person that puts up with some of the antics that I have seen during games by standing dead center of the field, being bombarded from every angle…..I can’t even think about it. So from my point of view these people are heroes no dare I say it “Superheroes”! Hands on hips, cape flapping in the wind and fighting the forces of evil.

  I sat front row and center for this referees clinic hoping a bit of what ever drives these mere mortals to greatness would be sprinkled my way like pixie dust. So that did not happen.

  I did get a better understanding of what goes into the making of a good referee. As in any endeavor it does take time and many seasons to cultivate super powers in a referee.

The only chink in the super armor here is the lack of patience in those that choose not to be referees but know more than our hero in training. Most of these underlings decide that being a superhero is not what the brochures said it was going to be. Not to mention they were taught to respect their elders and not to argue with adults.

  The presenters were enlightening, engaging and true mentors to our future refs. I so enjoyed the seminar I invited them to come to Gotham to speak to my clubs coaches. They agreed and I thanked them profusely. I left the building and as I walked towards my car I heard whooshing sound and saw a yellow flash dashing across the parking lot ….who was that striped shirt man?

 Yours in the great game,

 Kelly M.E. Kalberer


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